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Emilio Estevez, esteemed actor and former Mighty Ducks coach, nearly jinxed the Anaheim Ducks with too-early tweets on Monday night

By Extra Mustard
May 26, 2015

You may know esteemed actor Emilio Estevez for his generation-defining role as the coach of the hapless Mighty Ducks peewee hockey team in the eponymous film.

On Monday, Estevez reverted to his old coaching ways, dispensing encouragement and advice to the NHL's Anaheim Ducks (who stopped officially being "Mighty" in 2006) – and nearly jinxing them with a series of too-early tweets in the process. 

Anaheim shot out to a 3–0 lead during Monday night's Game 5 and looked as if it was on its way to a 3–2 series lead in the Western Conference finals when suddenly Estevez tweeted in, shall we say, a confident fashion. 

With Anaheim leading by two goals with roughly four minutes left to play in the game, Estevez wrote:

Minutes later, Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews scored two goals in a 1:20-span to tie the game with under one minute to play.

The game went to overtime. Estevez became overwhelmed, noting how "Cray Cray" the proceeding events were.


• Jonathan Toews scores two goals in final two minutes to force overtime vs. Ducks

Thankfully for Estevez, and all Anaheim fans, it only took Matt Beleskey 45 seconds to score in the overtime period to seal the win for the Ducks. 

Estevez reacted to the win with grace and poise. 

Anaheim has yet to lose in regulation during the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs. But there's still time left to jinx it. 

- Will Green

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