In a bold exhibition of trust and teamwork, Wisconsin Badgers kicker Rafael Gaglianone had his holder hold a football with his nose for a kick.

By Extra Mustard
June 03, 2015

Now here is a bold exhibition of trust, teamwork and a bit of “Man, you better not screw this up.”

Wisconsin kicker Rafael Gaglianone was getting in some practice field goals when he felt the need to have his holding partner hold the football with his nose. Perhaps there was no tee in sight, but man—this is bold. Could you imagine the holder explaining an inaccurate Gaglianone kick?

Either way, good for all parties involved. The holder didn’t get his face kicked in and Gaglianone got a great tweet/video. He even slowed it down and added a nice thump for the moment foot met ball.

The Badgers kick off the college football season Sept. 5 against Alabama in Arlington, Texas. We’ll see if they adopt Gaglianone’s trick for live game action.

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Mike Fiammetta

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