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Late night host Jimmy Kimmel released Tuesday a Golden State Warriors' edition of his popular "Lie Witness News" segment. 

By Extra Mustard
June 10, 2015

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel proved once again that Americans will believe just about anything if they're told it - either on a TV screen or in front of a TV camera. 

On Tuesday, Kimmel aired a Golden State Warriors Fans edition of his popular "Lie Witness News" segment in which people on the street are asked questions with made up premises. Respondents often answer in ways that validate and even expand on the premises. The result is usually hilarity. 

In this edition, fans were asked about whether or not the loss of Cavaliers' star player Zayn Malik (really a member of British pop band One Direction) will affect Cleveland's "One Direction defense."

One man was even questioned as to the wisdom of LeBron James' recent decision to change his name to Michael Jordan. 

Check out the full video below. 

(Thanks to Awful Announcing for binging this to our attention)

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