Wednesday's P.M. Hot Clicks: lovely lady of the day Elizabeth Pipko; Brett Favre in 1995

By Andy Gray
July 01, 2015

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Brett Favre in 1995

 SI's annual Where are They Now issue hits newsstands this week and it includes a cover story on Brett Favre, who thinks he could still play in today's NFL. Nearly 20 years ago, Peter King wrote a feature on Favre and spent a week by his side - at home, on the practice field and everywhere between. SI photographer Rich Frishman tagged along for the ride and captured the above great shots of the Packers legend (click here for full-size version).

Fun Rumor Alert

According to the always-reputable National Enquirer, Lindsay Vonn broke up with Tiger Woods because he hooked up with Jason Dufner's ex-wife, Amanda. If you're unfamiliar with Amanda Dufner, here's a crash course. As the headline says, this is a fun rumor and far from fact.

Odell Beckham, Baseball Star?

Who needs football? The Rockland Boulders of the Can-Am League have offered Odell Beckham Jr. a contract. General Manager Shawn Reilly was quick to point out that the Boulders are "New York area’s only defending professional championship team," however the league's maximum salary of $4,000 a month would put a damper on Beckham's lifestyle.

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

Elizabeth Pipko is a model who should be on your radar. After all, how many Harvard students and Olympic hopefuls look like she does? I put on my journalism boots and reached out to Liz for a quick Q&A. Also, thanks to Robin Watson Hamilton (makeup/hair), Kenneth Polyak (lighting assistant), Red Carter 2015 Collection (swimwear), Magid Hats/Head n Home (Headwear) and The Priceless Parrot Preserve for the exotic birds. Click here for the full-size gallery.

Let's discuss Harvard. Were classes as difficult as they seem? Was there a social life? Did you date anyone? 

Thank you! Classes were basically what I expected them to be. I was a little surprised with my own ability to keep up actually. Definitely a confidence builder! I’m participating in a program through the extension school so that I can continue to do what I do outside of school. This lets me study from home or while travelling so I don’t really have a social life at school, no. And no definitely not dating anyone at school.

On to your skating career. How often do you practice? Do you find it difficult to motivate with the Olympics still three years away? Do you think we'll see you in the 2018 Games?

I practice about four hours a day, six days a week. I think I've been motivated by the Olympics since I started skating at 10 years old. The fact that the Olympic Games are three years from now doesn't negatively impact or detract from my motivation to participate. I’m in the process of getting over a bad injury right now. I can’t say skating has been easy for me the last few years. But the Olympics are my dream and I will deal with the pain to continue doing what I love. 

If you had to choose one - Skating, Modeling or attending Harvard, which would you choose and why?

I completely fell in love when I first began figure skating. I can't imagine reflecting back on the last ten years of my life and not seeing myself skating. I think skating prepared me for everything I am trying to do in my life right now. The fact that I do more than one thing makes me who I am. Some people are meant to express themselves in more than one way. For me it's skating, modeling, getting an education and writing poetry. I think people should always try to express who they are by finding what they love to do, and by doing it all. If you focus on what makes you happiest and commit to that, anything is possible! 

Some quick hit questions. What's your all-time favorite movie?

GoldenEye! I'm really into all the James Bond movies. And secretly have always wanted to be a Bond Girl. 

What TV show are you currently loving?

I will be forever loving reruns of Friends! Yes, I'm that sappy. 

What's your favorite fast-food meal?

My coach won't love this, but it is french fries. Just between you and I and the Sports Illustrated audience!

 What's your favorite sports team?

I am a crazed basketball fan. Definitely Miami Heat for life! 

Hot Clicks Giveaway

Summer has arrived and it's important to make sure your stomach is full. To that end, I am giving away five Summer Survivial Kits. Each kit comes with two bags of Bauli Mini Croissants, two bags of Viki’s Granola snack size packs and one box of Sour Jacks, which is perfect for the beach, an extended car ride or vegging out in front of the TV and watching Orange is the New Black. I'll send packs to the 20th, 40th, 60th, 80th and 100th person to email me ( the price of a pizza at the MLB All-Star game this year. The answer was in A.M. Hot Clicks. Please make the subject line "Summer Survival Guide."

David Beckham Gets New Tattoo

Tennessee Stormtroopers

Good Job. Good Effort.

Odds & Ends

Calvin Coolidge officially joined the Nationals' Racing Presidents ... Tom Brady and Gisele may not get into a Boston-area country club because of Deflategate ... An Orioles fan struggled to free a foul ball from his beer ... CC Sabathia keeps his expensive sneakers in humidors ... NBA free agency grades ...  Jim Harbaugh and Colin Cowherd had an awkward interview ... The White House lifted its 40-year ban on photos during public tours ... A secret tunnel used to send intel from China to the Soviet Union was just discovered ... If you're in London next year, be sure to check out the new Rolling Stones exhibit ... Never-before-seen notes on the Back to the Future sequels ... Nic Cage as Game of Thrones characters ... Google apologized for a racist auto-tag in its photo app ... 

Happy Canada Day

Next Impulse Sports has a look at the 25 most gorgeous Canadian actresses. My favorite Canadian, of course, is Kate Bock. Here she is discussing the nuances of her homeland.

Best Finishing Move in Pro Wrestling

Rolling Stone handed out its Half-Year Awards for professional wrestling and Adrian Neville's Red Arrow won for Most Jaw-Dropping Finisher.

Even More Elizabeth Pipko!

Couldn't get enough of today's LLOD? Here's a video going behind the scenes of Elizabeth Pipko's photo shoot. Shout out to Cari Paige (director) Robin Watson Hamilton (makeup/hair), Kenneth Polyak (videographer), Drew Taylor (colorist) and Genae Parks (associate editor).

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