The top four memorable Fourth of July sports moments

There are sports moments, then there are Fourth of July (AMERICA!) sports moments. Here are four of the most memorable ones. 
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There are sports moments, then there are Fourth of July sports moments.

The "stage" for big-time events in sports is a little larger on the Fourth. Everyone's brimming with patriotism, there always seems to be a giant flag somewhere nearby, and you can always count on several men on Coney Island forcing processed meat down their throats at such an alarming rate that any amateur trying to mimic it would require immediate medical attention. 

America (and Canada) nearly entertained an all-time Fourth of July sports moment this year. The U.S. women's soccer team, which is currently riding a no-goals-allowed streak of 423 consecutive minutes and will face Japan in the 2015 Women's World Cup Finals, will play for the championship on July 5in Vancouver, B.C. So close! Regardless, Americans can still get their game-faces on 24 hours early.

In the absence of a potential USWNT world championship on the day of our nation's independence, we're forced to look backwards at some of the best moments in sports history.

Check out the video above for our SI's four most memorable moments from the Fourth.