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Jason Williams’ 13-year old son, Jaxon, has apparently picked up his dad’s sick handles and “White Chocolate” nickname.

By Extra Mustard
July 05, 2015

The summer of talented NBA offspring continued on Saturday with the emergence of an eye-opening highlight tape of Jaxon Williams, a.k.a. “White Chocolate Jr.” and the 13-year-old son of long-time NBA guard Jason Williams.

First it was Riley Curry everything and then Chris Paul’s son breaking it down at pop’s camp. Now, Williams’ highlight tape gives us another glimpse into the possible long-term future of the NBA.

Just like dad, Williams has some sick handles. He’s also particularly aggressive for a young kid and shows a nice shooting touch. The highlight tape also gets bonus points for a pretty solid score, so be sure to jack the volume up.

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It's safe to say the elder Williams has taught his son well—even while he’s still schooling guys on the court himself.

[h/t Bleacher Report]

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