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Brooklyn Cyclones to honor the 90s, host Nickelodeon Guts Night

The Brooklyn Cyclones have put together an all-time throwback promotion night, in honor of Nickelodeon's Guts.
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The Brooklyn Cyclones have put together a throwback promotion night that will stoke the flames of your inner '90s child: a Nickelodeon night celebrating the channel's extreme sports competition Guts.

For those of you who don't remember, essentially the show gave kids lots of neon-colored padding, plus helmets and let them try crazy stuff on-camera. The Cyclones are calling the promotion, set for Aug. 12, a Wayback Wednesday. Fans can purchase Extrema Arena ticket packages that include a commemorative Aggro Crag, the show's vaunted prize for winners that most of us who grew up in the '90s would give an arm and a (heavily padded) leg for. Purchasers also get a brown bag lunch with Gushers and Capri Sun. What more could you want?

What's more, the Cyclones themselves will be wearing unique Guts jerseys that are being auctioned off during the game for local charities. Feast your eyes. You might have to squint, though.


There are also other '90s-themed activities, including a park-wide Where's Waldo competition, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bow Staff Limbo game, and a Dumb & Dumber return the suitcase race. You can apparently win Troll Dolls. And according to the team, “If you’re wearing Doc Martens, Birkenstocks, a Scrunchy, Clogs, Adult Overalls, or backwards jeans,” you get to run the bases after the game.

With friends like these, who needs baseball anyway?

All regular game tickets are $10.

Jeremy Woo