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A New York Giants fan is trolling his NFC East rival by purchasing '' 

By Extra Mustard
July 24, 2015

Being a football fan in the 21st century means more than just cheering on your team on Sundays. For New York Giants fan Todd Remmel, it also means engaging in some mild technological trolling.

After a June 2014 ruling by the United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled the Washington Redskins federal trademark registrations, Remmel decided to buy He redirected that domain to the New York Giants' official website.

Remmel, 40, saw the domain name was unregistered last June after the trademark ruling. Remmel, who owns 150 other domains, says he bought the Washington one not for profit, but for fun:

“It was one of those things, as a Giants fan, I was thinking, if these guys are silly enough not to own a top-level domain, I have to do something funny with it,” Remmel told The Washington Post. “I didn’t think of it as an investment when I bought it. If I wasn’t a football fan, I wouldn’t have done it.”

For now, Remmel loves asking his Redskins fans friends to enter the URL and be greeted by the Giants.

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Unlike most harrowing domain-name tales, it's possible this one has a happy ending. If Remmel does ever choose to sell, he said he would donate some of the proceeds to charity. 

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- Rohan Nadkarni

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