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LeBron James, Drake, Kevin Durant and Tristan Thompson played kickball

The event was star-studded, and rain-delayed.
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When you're famous and you have a free weekend, what better to do than hang out with all your famous friends and play kickball?

Nothing of course. Just ask Drake and LeBron James, who staged a friendly kickball game in the rapper's native Toronto. LeBron's Team Klutch, named after his agency, took on Drake's Team OVO on the diamond. Also in attendance were LeBron's Cavaliers teammate (though technically still a free agent) Tristan Thompson, and Kevin Durant, who didn't actually play in the game but appeared to be enjoying himself.

In a video from Bleacher Report, Drake, Durant, Thompson and James could all be seen goofing around on the field and making wisecracks. Drake took more shots at current subject-of-rap-beef Meek Mill. Thompson, a Toronto native also represented by Klutch Sports sided with James, but not before throwing a little shade about free agency (“whoever puts the offer in first ... put the offer in first.”) Durant, still recovering from a season-ending foot injury, sat things out, admitting the first action he needed would come on the basketball court.

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The game was postponed quickly, though, after rain led the teams to deem the field unplayable. James sat with a long face in the dugout as it poured, bummed about the weather and yelled about his missing sunflower seeds. The weather stopped Drake from doing whatever he wanted for the first time all week.

Meek is somewhere taking notes.

- Jeremy Woo