Goalie enjoys mid-match snack of hamburger thrown at him by rival fan

Racing Club fans threw a hamburger at Belgrano goalkeeper Juan Olave, so he took a bite. 
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Soccer fans hurling projectiles at the opposing team is usually a bad thing. Just ask the Israeli players who got chased off the field and pelted with bottles during a game Sunday in Bulgaria. But Argentine goalkeeper Juan Olave was a bit luckier in his match on Sunday. 

Olave, playing for Belgrano against Racing Club in Argentina’s top division, had a half-eaten hamburger thrown at his feet during the game. Despite not knowing the provenance of the ground beef sandwich, and ignoring the fact that it came from someone who most certainly wished him harm, Olave picked up the burger and took a few bites before tossing it behind the goal line. 


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Olave, unharmed by the strange meat, kept a clean sheet and the match ended in a 0–0 draw.

He’s not the first athlete to eat a hamburger thrown onto the field of play. Back in March, when Ottawa Senators fans saluted goalie Andrew “Hamburglar” Hammond by tossing burgers on the ice, Ottawa center Curtis Lazar helped himself to a few bites

- Dan Gartland

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