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DeAngelo Hall decided to make a fan's day at Redskins training camp in Monday by giving them the cleats he wore to practice that day.

By Extra Mustard
August 07, 2015

DeAngelo Hall decided to make a fan’s day at Redskins training camp on Monday by giving him the cleats he wore to practice that day.

Unfortunately, Hall later realized that he had accidentally given away some custom insoles made for his feet along with the shoes, so he took to Twitter to ask the fan if he could get them back. Given Hall’s history of foot injuries, the insoles are probably pretty important. 

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The cornerback even promised to make it worth the fan's while for the odd request, offering a game-worn jersey or tickets to a Washington home game this season.

Update: The cleats have been located, on opposite coasts. 

A pair of girls from Virginia ended up with the right shoe and said they’d give it back.

The story of the left cleat is a little more complicated. It’s several thousand miles away.

Hall won’t need them immediately; he’s currently sidelined with a groin injury. 


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