Kansas City Royals meet Fetty Wap, take selfies

Rapper Fetty Wap met some of his biggest fans on Tuesday by visiting Kauffman Stadium.  
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Rapper Fetty Wap met some of his biggest fans on Tuesday by visiting Kauffman Stadium. 

Fetty Wap hung out with the Kansas City Royals, who are such big fans that they recently fined players who did not work the numbers 17 and 38 into their postgame interviews. The digits are a reference to the rapper, whose summer hit “Trap Queen,” along with many of his other songs, features the numbers, a reference to his Remy Boyz 1738 group.

The Royals, of course, played “Trap Queen” at the stadium as Fetty Wap and Kansas City players took in the sights and snapped selfies. 

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Molly Geary