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Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker did his best impression of fellow Texas alum Matthew McConaughey in a used car commercial. 

By Extra Mustard
August 17, 2015

The University of Texas clearly offers top-notch classes in mumbling nonsense while staring out the windshield of a car. 

Texas alum Matthew McConaughey has been pulling it off in car commercials for a while, and now fellow Longhorn Justin Tucker decided to get in on the action. 

The Ravens kicker stars in a new commercial for a used car lot in Baltimore where he does his best McConaughey impression, staring into the distance while musing on the similarities between driving and kicking. 

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Tucker told the Ravens’ website that he came up with the idea while eating a five-pound lobster with the dealership’s owner. 

“It was right around that time when all those Lincoln commercials were blowing up the TV with Matthew McConaughey just driving around contemplating the most deep, intense things about life,” Tucker said. “We were like, ‘Why don’t we just do that?!’”

- Dan Gartland

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