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Ciara was caught off guard when Russell Wilson revealed they weren't having sex. 

By Extra Mustard
August 26, 2015

Occasional Seattle Seahawks quarterback and professional cliché Russell Wilson, you may recall, is dating pop star Ciara.

And you almost certainly recall Wilson's comments about Ciara in July, when he told a San Diego pastor he and Ciara would be abstaining from sex. 

“I said to her—and she completely agreed—‘Can we love each other without that?’” Wilson said in July. “If you can love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody.”

As it turns out, Ciara was a little surprised Wilson made their abstinence public. According to a profile of Wilson in Rolling Stone, Ciara heard the news on Twitter while she was halfway around the world:

The announcement came as a surprise to Ciara, who was in London for a concert and had to parse out what had happened from the mentions on her Twitter feed. Soon after, she talked with Wilson and they got on the same page.

“The thing about Russell is he's real,” Ciara tells me. “And that was a moment that got real real.” She tells me he had no problem with her saucy video for Dance Like We're Making Love, where she writhes in a see-through outfit. “We share similar views on pretty much everything. It's just superorganic.”

It looks like everything turned out fine for Wilson and Ciara. Fortunately, the comments didn't cause a riff like her Tom Brady fandom

Read the full Rolling Stone profile here


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