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Watch: New Pepsi ad shows Joe Flacco is not an elite party-thrower

The Ravens' eighth-year quarterback gets some pointers on how to throw a party.

If Joe Flacco invites you to his Super Bowl party this year, you might want to consider respectfully declining.

The MVP of Super Bowl XLVIII heads to the film room in Pepsi's new three-minute advertisement, looking to remedy some common party fouls like sporadically going under center to receive a bag of chips from your friend-turned-lineman, or throwing, at 40 mph, a can of cola at your pal across the room.


Flacco is guaranteed to make almost $18 million over the next three seasons, so if the Ravens decide to release him after discovering he's not an elite party-thrower, the University of Delaware product can gun as many Pepsi cans around his house as he pleases.

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