Aston Villa coach tears hamstring after kicking water bottle

Aston Villa coach Tim Sherwood tore his hamstring kicking a water bottle in anger. 
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At Extra Mustard, we hope to encourage hilarious displays of anger in the world of sports. As long as no one gets hurt, sure, let's see you flip a cooler in the dugout or punch a hole in the wall.

Unfortunately, this isn't one of those stories.

Aston Villa coach Tim Sherwood kicked a water bottle in anger Sunday, furious over a non-penalty call late in his team's 2–2 draw with Sunderland. It was all kosher, until we learned Sherwood “snapped” his hamstring during the kick. 

Here's what Sherwood told the Aston Villa website:

“I've done my hamstring. I never did it as a player. I have now done it as a manager,” Sherwood said. “I was going to kick the bottles forward but there were too many people so I thought I'd be polite and backheel them and snapped my hamstring. It feels bad. I must have looked like a spoiled brat. I tell my kids not to behave like that.”

Get well soon, Sherwood. You'll be kicking water bottles again in no time.