Looks like Riley Curry may have inherited her dad's bad ankles

Stephen Curry joked that his bad ankles might run in the family.
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It appears no one in the Curry family is safe from injuries.

It's easy to forget now that reigning NBA champ and MVP Stephen was hampered by serious ankle injuries earlier in his career, causing him to miss much of the 2011-12 season, and also had issues during the 2013 season. His brother Seth had an ankle injury in the middle of his senior season at Duke in 2013.

And now, Steph's three-year-old daughter Riley – the star of the family in her own right after a breakout post-season – appears to have inherited the struggles.

Curry posted a photo of himself taping a sprawled-out Riley's ankles to his Instagram account Saturday night. 

“Must run in the family,” he wrote in the post.

No explanation for Riley's injuries was given.

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Jeremy Woo