Don’t wear blue to Urban Meyer’s class, or he’ll punish you like a player

There was discipline handed out Monday morning for two students who wore blue to Urban Meyer's class on coaching football.
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Word to the wise: don’t try Urban Meyer.

Ohio State began its 2015–16 academic year last week, and so did the Buckeyes head coach, who has taught a class on coaching football since his arrival in 2012.

During a session Monday morning on campus in Columbus, there were some disciplinary pushups handed out for some students wearing blue.


There's no easier way to get on the teacher’s bad side than wearing the school colors of archrival Michigan.

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These two might want to head down to the bookstore and pick up some more OSU gear, along with a nice gift for Professor Meyer. Then, maybe start some extra credit assignments, and set a few extra alarms each morning to make sure they make it to each class on time. Heck, they should memorize the schedule while they're at it.

It’s going to be one long semester.

- Kenny Ducey