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This Triple A doubleheader went 19 innings...and that was only the first game.

By SI Wire
September 01, 2015

Though romantics will always appreciate the technically infinite duration of a baseball game, and though Ernie Banks will forever love to play two, one might be willing to bet that the Triple A Iowa Cubs and OKC Dodgers are not fans of either of those things.

The two teams began their Tuesday doubleheader at 4:35 p.m. CT in Oklahoma City. Entering the game, Iowa trailed OKC by three games in their Pacific Coast League American Northern division. Long, long story short: that game lasted an Iowa franchise-record 19 innings and ended, mercifully, on a walk-off home run by OKC's Buck Britton nearly five hours later with a score of 6–4.

And, of course, there was a catch: Game 2 was set to begin at 11 p.m. CT.

Why anyone scheduled the first game of a doubleheader for 4:35 p.m., we may never know. But after nearly nine hours of baseball the marathon finally ended. Game 2 was called after just 6 1/2 innings when OKC put up three runs in the bottom of the sixth and Iowa failed to respond.

The Dodgers won Game 2, 3–1, to complete the doubleheader sweep, and were hopefully able to get some sleep before facing the Cubs again on Wednesday in Game 4 of this five-game series.

-Jeremy Woo

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