Almost 3,000 users made “yankees” their password
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A look at the most popular passwords used by Ashley Madison subscribers shows that baseball is catching up to football in popularity.

By Extra Mustard
September 14, 2015

Is baseball dying? According to Ashley Madison users, it is not.

Quartz published the 100 most common passwords on Ashley Madison, which were discovered by a group called CynoSure Prime. 

In a landslide, the most popular password used was “123456,” employed by more than 120,000 users. Next up, at 48,452 was “12345” followed by “password” at 39,448 and “DEFAULT” at 34,275. Those terms don’t tell us much about users, other than they’re not very clever or careful. 

What we did discover, though, is that baseball is apparently much more popular than many would be led to believe.

What’s in Roger Goodell’s Twitter drafts folder?​

The 14th-most used password on Ashley Madison was “football" at 7,872 people. But at No. 15, just 162 users behind, was “baseball.”

Here were the other sports-related passwords in the Top 100:

• “hockey” — 4,191

• “soccer” — 3,936

• “jordan” — 3,368

• “liverpool” — 3,087

• “yankees” — 2,995

• “steelers” — 2,470

• “cowboys” — 2,403

• “jordan23” — 2,390

Judging by Ashley Madison’s users, Liverpool F.C. is the most popular team in the world. And, sorry Dallas, the Yankees are America’s team.

This has been an important reminder to pick clever passwords.

- Kenny Ducey

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