Ed Sheeran takes batting practice with the Washington Nationals

Pop star Ed Sheeran makes an appearance at Washington Nationals batting practice.
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Ginger human Ed Sheeran made an appearance at Washington Nationals batting practice on Monday. 

The British pop star was apparently just there to hang out. According to The Washington Post, Sheeran said he knows “nothing” about baseball. To which we say, toughen up, sport. If you’re going to enter the batting cage, learn a thing or two about America’s pastime. 

We wouldn’t write about Ed Sheeran if we didn’t know about him. Take a look at all the fun facts the Extra Mustard staff knows about Sheeran:

“When he raps, I get angry.” 

“He sings that song about legs not working.”

“He and T-Swift are BFFs.”

“He has red hair. And I don't really like his music. No offense to Brendan, who I know loves his music.”

“Is he the dude who does falsetto versions of rap songs?”

“A generational vocal talent. Seems chill. Would get beers with.”

Update: “If I knew you were adding these in I would've added he’s a chump.” [with finger point at computer screen for added emphasis]

Here’s what Sheeran, a baseball fraud, looked like in uniform: