Jared Dudley says Adam Morrison was a ‘disgusting’ teammate

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Remember when you were, like, seven, and your mother had to make sure you brushed your teeth and showered every day?

That was apparently Adam Morrison during his NBA career.

Speaking on 106.7 The Fan Monday morning in Washington, D.C., Wizards forward Jared Dudley called Morrison, his teammate in Charlotte during the 2007-08 season, the grossest player he has ever shared a locker room with.

“Remember Adam Morrison? He never took showers, he did the chewing tobacco that he spit all the time, and he wore the same three Polos the whole year,” Dudley said.

“This is a guy who made a lot of money, too, at that time. He was the face of diabetes, he was doing everything, he was on the cover of college games, he was [everywhere], and he was by far the worst and [most] disgusting.”

Dudley even said that former Bobcat Gerald Wallace once had to take matters into his own hands.

“[He] had to force him,” Dudley said. “Imagine that. Imagine forcing a grown man to take a shower. He should be ashamed of himself.”

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This accusation seems to have some backing.

In an ESPN behind-the-scenes documentary of Gonzaga basketball, Adam Morrison joked that he had not showered in over three days, and wore what the Gonzaga Bulletincalled an “atrocious outfit.”

It appears Morrison’s on-court ability wasn’t the only thing that was smelly about him.

We just hope he’s taking showers now, at age 31.

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- Kenny Ducey