Pete Rose now knows he’s a meme, if he even understands memes

Fox Sports made some Pete Rose memes and shared them with him during the postgame show.
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Pete Rose was a top trending topic on Twitter Friday night after he inexplicably snuck into a shot of C.J. Nitkowski analyzing the Royals’ bullpen on FOX Sports 1.

During a rain delay late in Game 6 of the ALCS between the Royals and Blue Jays, it appears Rose may have just been a little bored.

That fired up the meme train on the internet.

Before the night was over for the entire panel, they decided to have some fun with a picture of disgruntled, uninvited Pete Rose staring at the camera.

That’s pretty awesome. It’s doubtful Pete knows what the word “meme” means, considering he isn’t a fan of social media, but it appears he finds them pretty funny.

Whatever you may think of Pete Rose, you must admit he is far from a boring television personality.

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- Kenny Ducey