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By Andy Gray
October 26, 2015

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World Series Preview

The Mets and Royals World Series begins tonight. SI.com has a position-by-position breakdown. Here are some other items of interest: An online costume company is giving away free Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard wigs. DeGrom also makes for a great pumpkin carving ... Mets WAGs vs. Royals WAGs ... Taco Bell is giving a free A.M. Crunchwrap if a base is stolen during the World Series ... Royals manager Ned Yost is such a punk ... Take our World Series quiz and prove you're not a bandwagon fan

High School Principal Writes Letter to Ryan Mallett's Parents

Ryan Mallett has a problem being on time and it nearly cost him his job with the Texans. We considered an intervention but seeing that we don't know Mallett, that seemed like not the best idea. So we asked Michael Ramirez, an educator at the county level in Florida and a former high school principal, to send a stern note to Mallett’s parents.

Steph Curry Has Jeopardy Moment

In the past year, Stephen Curry has won NBA MVP, led his team to a championship and turned his daughter Riley into a mini-celebrity. All of that, however, pales in comparison to what happened Monday on Jeopardy. Curry wasn't just the subject of a question but of an entire category. That's right, five questions all about Steph Curry. 

Lovely Lady of the Day


Best Sports Bar in Every NFL City

A very thorough breakdown by our friends at Thrillist.

Most Expensive Sports Paraphernalia Ever Sold

Wish I had an extra $4.4 million to spend on Babe Ruth's jersey.

Want. This. Bobblehead.

From Football to Theater

Cleveland Quarterback Graveyard

Odds & Ends

Curt Schilling weighed in on the nonexistent Larry Bird vs. LeBron James debate ... J.J. Redick is dropping a rap album ... Glen Rice Jr. was injured in a shooting at T.I.’s restaurant and was busted with a ton of weed ... Brief history of baseball celebrations ... Ten of the best images in the running for National Geographic's Photo Contest ... The average American wedding costs $26,400 ... The NYPD is calling for a ban on Quentin Tarantino ... 50 best Halloween memes of all time ... Happy Meal toys from the '80s and '90s.

First Career Baskets of 50 NBA Superstars

I'll have a bigger NBA Preview in P.M. Clicks. Thanks to Next Impulse Sports for the link.

Blackhawks Struggle With Emojis

Oklahoma State Hoops Cover Macklemore

I'm still waiting for a college hoops team to cover the Golden Girls theme song. Until then, this will suffice.

Cowboys Recreate Downtown For Homecoming & Hoops

What did you miss at Friday's Homecoming & Hoops? Just the Cowboys recreating Macklemore's Downtown music video on the OSU campus and a live dance routine from coach Travis Ford. #okstatehc

Posted by Oklahoma State Cowboy Basketball on Saturday, October 24, 2015

Jeremy Roenick vs. Alligator

This seems like a perfectly normal thing to do.


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