Men's Style Q&A: Is it acceptable for a grownup to wear a sports jersey? has teamed up with the recently launched clothing site to answer some readers most pressing fashion questions.
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Sports fans have long had an unfair reputation as sloppy dressers, but following in the mold of athletes-turned-fashion plates like Russell Westbrook and Victor Cruz fans are looking more stylish than ever.

Our friends (and style experts) at Dress for the Day just launched a men's section to their website. We asked if they would field a few style questions from our readers. If you have a style question you'd like answered, email with the subject line "Dress for the Day." 

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Q: In what situations other than actually attending a live sporting event is it ok for an adult male with two children to wear a sports jersey?  



Hi Amit! Believe it or not, you aren’t alone in your state of sports fanatic perplexion. It’s perfectly acceptable to rock your favorite jersey to a bar or even restaurant to watch the game. If they have TVs and are playing the game, chances are there isn’t a strict dress code. If you’re hosting or going to a buddy’s house to watch the games, sports gear is totally fine and welcomed. Thanksgiving is also A-ok in our books. Running errands and can’t part with your jersey? No biggie at all. We use the term ‘jersey’ quite tightly, as not to be confused with this, which you should never wear in a public forum. Ever. Happy football season!

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Q: What should I have for sure this winter? My wardrobe feels a little dated :( 



Hi Victor! No need to fret, we’ve got your winter essentials covered so that you’ll be on trend and can give your closet a boost. Our 5 must haves: 1) Merlot is the color of the season so get yourself a merino or cashmere-blend sweater like this one stat. 2) Nothing like a good pair of slim-fit, dark wash jeans for nights out so grab a pair like these. 3) Hoodies can be trendy too! Opt for the zip-up kind in classic colors like grey or black. 4) A quality parka will keep you warm and looking cool during the impending polar vortex. Our favorite here. 5) Finally, get your hands on a pair of sneakers that aren’t overly athletic, like these. Kiss those winter fashion woes goodbye!

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Q: I saw Dwyane Wade and took a picture without him looking, sent to my wife and typed "I need everything he's wearing please purchase." What's an easy way to get his outfit?



Hi Stranger! First of all can we walk around with you? Second, was your wife LOL’ing as much as us? Okay, so let’s talk Dwyane and his personal style– the one thing that’s undeniable is the man takes risks and keeps at least one element ultra bold in his outfit. Whether we’re seeing him in a fitted suit with a bright pocket square or keeping it casual in a zip-up hoodie paired with patent oxfords, we’re always left wanting his look. The easiest way to mimic his personal style is to start taking some risks when it comes to your accessories. If your overall look is classic, throw in a bold tie or bowtie like these. If your style tends to be more casual, rock contemporary shoes in a new-neutral color such as grey or merlot.

P.S. Listen to your wife, we have a feeling Gabrielle Union provides the extra fashion boost when needed!

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Q: Can you wear a fun sock (striped black and white, polka dot, paisley) with a tuxedo?



Hi Bryan! The answer is yes, but we have some guidelines. Considering you’re attending a formal event, play it relatively safe when choosing fun socks so they don’t distract from your overall look. Fun socks don’t always need to be bright pops of reds, purples and oranges; there are plenty of exciting options in a conservative color palette. We recommend sticking to black or navy for the base and overall color of the sock. When choosing a pattern, steer clear from all large print patterns like paisley and argyle and opt for minimal detailing like thin stripes or scattered polka dots. Make sure your tux is the show-stopper and your socks–the subtle surprise!