A Denali-Arctic Ground squirrel.
Becky Bohrer/AP

A squirrel ran onto the field during the Packers-Vikings game. 

By Extra Mustard
November 22, 2015

A brave squirrel ran onto the field during Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. 

The squirrel ran down the sideline with what appeared to be sub 4.0-40 speed before eventually being wrangled by security. Can this squirrel catch? Because the Packers’ struggling offense sure could use a speedy receiver. 


This continues a rash of running squirrels in American sports. Squirrels also found their way on court at the U.S. Open and in the dugout of a Phillies and Cardinals game.

Photos: Packers WR James Jones is wearing a hoodie under his jersey

We have no reason to believe the events are connected—yet.


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