Winslow Townson/AP

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski loves him some Nicki Minaj. 

By Extra Mustard
December 09, 2015

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski needs to update his music tastes. 

The injured star was filmed jamming out to Nicki Minaj’s banger “Super Bass” by teammate Chandler Jones, which is fine, except this song is getting a little old. Hey Gronk, you’re not at a sorority crush party, you could do a little bit better than “Super Bass,” homie.

Have you listened to Dave Matthews Band? Those guys have some pretty groovy jams. I heard some guy named Drake is also doing some positive things. Of course, Gronk’s failure to capture the zeitgeist of the present does not make it any less fun to watch him jam out to this song.

This is the same person responsible for the nightmares of every NFL defensive coordinator.

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