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Irish motorcycle racer Stephen Thompson lost his arm in July after a crash at a race in May, but he’s not done competing.

By Extra Mustard
December 09, 2015

If Irish motorcycle racer Stephen Thompson has his way, he’ll be back competing this summer, just over a year after losing his arm to injuries suffered in a race.

Thompson was involved in a three-bike crash at the North West 200 in May. He suffered numerous injuries, including several broken bones, a collapsed lung and bleeding on the brain, but the worst injury was to his left arm. Several surgeries couldn’t repair the damage and doctors were forced to amputate the arm in July.

But Thompson, 39, isn’t done racing. 

“A lot of people maybe don't like it but I want to race again. It's going to be a different way of racing with a prosthetic arm on,” Thompson told the BBC.

Thompson will be receiving his prosthetic arm soon and aims to be racing again by August, even if he’s not as good as he once was. 

“I don’t know how competitive I'm going to be be,” Thompson said. “I’ll know from my lap times. I’ll practice.”

- Dan Gartland

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