The Extra Mustard staff picks their favorites vines and tweets of the year. 

By Extra Mustard
December 22, 2015

There were lots of bad things on the internet in 2015, but there were also some of good things. As the year draws to a close, we’ve picked our favorite tweets and Vines of 2015.

• Sports Illustrated’s Social 100 for 2015


Watch with the volume on, obviously. 

I’d like to think this happened to Tim Duncan as a kid, which would explain why he never gets too excited. - Kenny Ducey

This Vine didn’t come on my radar until very late in the year, thanks to a tremendous post on The Awl. My biggest regret of 2015 is that I didn’t see it sooner. (Although I also regret that it derailed the majority of a work day.) - Dan Gartland

I have watched this man throw a bottle of champagne only to have the bottle return to destroy him roughly half a million times, and I have laughed out loud at every one. This is why Greg Maddux always made sure to square up on his follow through. You gotta be ready for comebackers. - Brendan Maloy [Ed. note: We know this is a GIF. Brendan is still figuring out the whole internet thing.]

Because we are all Tyler Hansbrough. - Jeremy Woo

This catches me by surprise and makes me laugh every single time. - Rohan Nadkarni


It’s funny because Ferg was dead serious - Kenny Ducey [Ed. note: Yes, Kenny’s favorite tweet of the year was his own.]

It’s funny because it’s (almost) true. - Dan Gartland

It’s funny because it WAS ACTUALLY true. - Jeremy Woo

I cried. - Rohan Nadkarni

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