Panthers banned from hoverboards after players seen drag racing

Panthers coach Ron Rivera has banned his team from using hoverboards. 
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Someone needs to explain the phrase “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” to Panthers coach Ron Rivera.

Carolina’s head coach has banned his players from using hoverboards as the team prepares for the NFC championship game. His reasoning—so players don’t get hurt—seems solid at first:

Hear me out though, if the Panthers have been hoverboarding to no injury all year, why stop them now? What if Cam Newton’s entire preparation routine is thrown off because he can’t hoverboard between meeting rooms? What if Thomas Davis keeps his knees fresh by hoverboarding his sons to school? (I have no idea if Thomas Davis has kids.)

This seems like an oversight on Rivera’s part. You don’t start banning things during the playoffs. If someone gets hurt riding a hoverboard, you don’t want him on the field come Sunday. 

See you in the Super Bowl, Arizona.

- Rohan Nadkarni