Scott Stapp was Creedbombed by his own band thanks to the Panthers

The Carolina Panthers’ new tradition has led to some dire consequences for Scott Stapp. 
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Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp has fallen victim to his own music.

Our story starts with the Carolina Panthers, who began a tradition of “Creedbombing” teammates this year. A Creedbomb occurs when someone looks into your eyes and starts intensely singing a Creed song. 

The Charlotte Observercaught up with Stapp, who apparently now loves the Panthers and their new tradition. Stapp told the Observer he’s begun rooting for Carolina, wants to film a video with the team and will cheer them on in Super Bowl 50.

The act is so popular, Stapp says, the band he’s currently touring with as a solo artist is Creedbombing him. 

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“And then the next thing you know, my band is doing it to me out on tour.” Stapp said. “And I saw the humor in it and saw how funny it was. I think it’s awesome.”

I hope to never write more about Creed than this.

– Rohan Nadkarni

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