Watch: KHL goalie falls on his butt, allows easy goal

Rough day at the office for Medveščak Zagreb goalie Gasper Kroselj last night.
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Rough day at the office for Medveščak Zagreb goalie Gasper Kroselj.

Man U player was playing FIFA instead of watching his team

​In Thursday’s game against HC Sochi, Kroselj’s team was on a power play when he tried to play a puck near his own net. Poor Kroselj fell right on his tuckus, leaving Evgeny Skachkov able to clean up his mess and even the game at 1–1. 

Things didn’t get much better for Kroselj. He allowed five more goals and Sochi won 6–4. 

- Dan Gartland

[​via @HockeyWebCast​]