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Lakers’ Jordan Clarkson recreates ‘Damn Daniel’ meme with teammates

“Damn Daniel” is the latest meme setting the internet ablaze, so of course Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson got in on the action.

Kids these days (i.e., since last Monday) are obsessed with the “Damn Daniel” meme

For whatever reason, this video of a kid following his friend around saying, “Damn, Daniel,” has been retweeted nearly 300,000 times. Teens.

Anyway, the meme apparently struck a chord with Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson, who decided to recreate the video using his teammates. An enterprising fan uploaded the footage from Clarkson’s Snapchat to Twitter.

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We’d like to apologize to any reader over the age of 25 who actually clicked on this post.

- Dan Gartland

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