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Duke sports teams take shelter during tornado warning

Duke sports teams had to go underground to protect themselves during a tornado warning. 

As parts of North Carolina were hit with a tornado warning, Duke’s sports teams rushed for cover on Wednesday.

The Blue Devils’ women’s lacrosse and men’s basketball accounts tweeted photos of their respective teams chilling in hallways as they waited out the storm.

Here, check it out for yourself:


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A couple things here. First of all, Cameron Indoor has a secret tunnel? What kind of one-percent nonsense is that? Are we to assume if there were some kind of apocalyptic event, Duke would save its basketball players first?

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Also, this is terrible tornado technique! Did these athletes even go to elementary school? Everyone (at least those who went to school in Broward County) knows in the event of a tornado, you got on your knees, tuck your head under your arms, and lean against a heavy wall that isn't in the immediate vicinity of potentially-flying objects.

Instead, these kids are out here drinking Gatorade and doing god knows what on their laptops. Then again, I guess you can do whatever you want in a “secret tunnel.”

– Rohan Nadkarni