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Aaron Rodgers bought some cookies, videobombed Common at the Oscars

Aaron Rodgers attended the Oscars on Sunday with girlfriend Olivia Munn, and it looks like he had a good time.

Olivia Munn was one of the presenters at Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony and she brought her boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers, with her to the star-studded event.

While the quarterback briefly looked a little lost on the red carpet, he later got a little more comfortable with the glitz and glamour, hitting Common with a photobomb.

The night only got better for Rodgers and Munn, as the Packers star and the X-Men actress stocked up on Girl Scout cookies during the ceremony.

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Munn also dubbed Rodgers the “best Oscar date ever,” and gushed to Entertainment Tonight about how helpful he was as she prepared for the award show.

"This morning, you know what he did? First, he went to the store and got all this fruit, croissants, vegetables, and went to Starbucks and got a big container for everybody—he fed the whole glam team!"

– Brendan Maloy