New Mexico city will host donkey baseball game

Get out your donkey, it’s time for donkey baseball.
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Get out your donkey, it’s time for donkey baseball.

That’s right—baseball, with donkeys. Dairyland Donkey Ball LLC has a knack for combining donkeys and popular sports, and they’ve been playing donkey baseball for at least eight years now. This weekend, it’s coming to the Otero County Rodeo Arena in New Mexico.

This sport looks wildly difficult. Check out this photo of a man falling off his donkey during a contest:


The Alamogordo Daily News has some more detail on the event:

According to a press release from the Optimist Club, this year they hope to expand the emphasis of law enforcement appreciation by inviting the Alamogordo Police Department and the Border Patrol to a friendly game of baseball while riding on donkeys. The agencies will get to display their equipment to educate the community about the work they do and to provide some hands-on exposure on their equipment.

Last year’s event attracted around 300 spectators and raised $800. How did only 300 folks come out to watch donkey baseball? You don’t want to see some grown men and women try to urge a donkey toward first base, and take a huge spill in the process?

Advance tickets are $6 per person, $8 at the gate and children 5 and younger are free. If you’re in the area, go get them now at the Junior Optimist Club at Academy del Sol High School or Tropical Sno and Books Revisited at White Sands Mall.

Come on down to the Otero County Rodeo Arena and watch a bunch of adults make asses out of themselves.

– Kenny Ducey