Brewers say Hank the Dog is in fact the real Hank the Dog

The Brewers say Hank the dog is alive and well.
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Our days-long national nightmare is over.

Hank the Dog, the Brewers’ four-legged mascot, is alive and well, the Brewers announced in a press conference Friday, Yes, a press conference. 

On Monday, SB Nation website Brew Crew Ball presented a conspiracy theory that Hank the Dog, a stray, troubled dog who made his way to the Brewers spring training facility in 2014 and the team then nursed back to health, had actually died and been replaced by another dog. Friday, the team presented evidence in the form of a notarized letter by a veterinarian confirming the current Hank the Dog is the same dog as the one found in 2014.

What’s the deal with Hank the Dog? The Brewers’ mascot drama, explained

The clinching evidence was a microchip scan by two independent sources, which matched the microchip placed in Hank in 2014.

The Brewers certainly had their fun with the situation, but we’re just happy to know Hank is okay.