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Ned Yost punched through some bricks to get Royals ready for season

That's how you motivate at spring training.

It would be easy for the Royals to rest on their laurels this season after making two straight World Series and winning it all last October. It is manager Ned Yost’s job to make sure that doesn’t happen and he is doing that by showing some extreme intensity at spring training.

The Kansas City manager brought in a motivational speaker Donnie Moore who rips in half license plates and phone books to show that nothing is impossible, and his destructive inspiration included Yost punching through concrete blocks, according to The Kansas City Star. has a look at a previous speech Moore gave to the Royals.

Yost said the bruises were caused by the brick falling in on his hand, and gave some tips on punching through concrete saying, “Nothing to it. I can handle all the feats of strength.”