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LeBron James unfollows the Cavaliers on Twitter

Twitter was set ablaze on Monday when word spread that LeBron James may have unfollowed the Cavaliers’ official account.

Twitter was set ablaze on Monday when word spread that LeBron James may have unfollowed the Cavaliers’ official account.

User “kanyecobain” took a screenshot of a test he ran on, showing that James didn’t follow the Cavs, and that status changed on Monday.

LeBron was asked about the incident after the Cavaliers’ 124–92 win over the Nuggets, and refused to comment on the situation.

We were able to verify through tests that the website does, in fact, return accurate results as it pertains to the timing of an unfollow. LeBron also does not currently follow the Cavaliers on Twitter.

Chaos ensued.

After James's postgame comments, he unfollowed several more accounts, including all members of the Cleveland media and a few national reporters. released a story. An anonymous source then told that James had gone on his unfollowing spree as part of his playoff preparation, which started early.

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As it turns out, LeBron had unfollowed at least nine accounts in the past 10 days leading up to Monday according to a quick check of the last cached version of his Twitter page. It’s also noteworthy that not every player follows their team; Kobe Bryant doesn’t even follow the Lakers.

So, does it matter?

– Kenny Ducey