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During Triple Crown season, horse racing newcomers tend to find themselves perplexed by the unusual names of horses.

This year’s Kentucky Derby featured names like Danzing Candy, Suddenbreakingnews, My Man Sam, Oscar Nominated and Trojan Nation. Ocho Ocho Ocho, Mr. Z and War Story were in last year’s race. Uncle Lino, Abiding Star and Cherry Wine are competing at the Preakness. How on earth do the owners come up with this stuff? 

The Louisville Courier-Journal has a rundown of how the horses in this year’s Kentucky Derby field got their names. But we have another idea. 

Think you have what it takes to name a racehorse? Instead of racking your brain trying to think of a clever name, use our trusty horse name generator to pick one for you. Click on the “name your horse” button below to name the next great thoroughbred.

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