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Ja Rule thinks Michael Jordan gets a dollar every time someone posts a Crying Jordan meme.

By Extra Mustard
May 09, 2016

Ja Rule is good at lots of things, like making songs with Jennifer Lopez or Ashanti, screaming “It’s Murder” and apparently writing books. He is not good at understanding intellectual property or understanding how the internet works though.

The rapper was on Twitter Monday morning and someone must have given him some bad information, causing him to share a very incorrect fact about the Crying Jordan meme.

• Someone made Air Crying Jordans, and they look great

How does Ja Rule think the money would get from the thousands of people photoshopping Jordan’s face to His Airness? Also, why would someone lie to Ja Rule about the Crying Jordan meme?

Once Ja’s tweet caught steam though, the reaction was inevitable.

The rapper went on to share his “source,” a website called TMZComedy, which seems to traffic in fake news stories. Looks like Jordan is making a lot of money thanks to Ja Rule on Monday.

 Brendan Maloy

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