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Steven Adams was asked if cake was bread on Tuesday. He does not think so.

By Extra Mustard
May 10, 2016

Players have been peppered with questions throughout the NBA playoffs, but few are as important as the one Steven Adams answered on Tuesday.

Adams was asked if cake was bread, and absolutely clowned team bread.

“Of course cake is not bread,” Adams said, according to CBS Sports’ Matt Moore. “Is this why Americans are fat? You confuse cake with bread?”

Is cake bread, though? Both have leavening, flour and fat. Bread is leavened by yeast, and cake is leavened by baking soda. I think this distinction is what sets cake apart from bread, but I can see both sides.

Another interesting twist — an anonymous co-worker points out that Cakebread wine is very delicious. Chalk one up for team bread.

– Kenny Ducey

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