Comedian Dan Soder joined Extra Mustard’s Tiffany Oshinsky for a spirited round of 'How F is it?'

By Extra Mustard
May 20, 2016

Adam Silver leaving Steph Curry hanging, a Bartolo Colon tattoo and Serena Williams eating dog food are just a few of the topics on this installment of 'How F is it?'

The game is simple: Extra Mustard’s Tiffany Oshinksy presents her guest with a sports topic and they must decide how messed up whatever happened was. Joining the show for this edition was comedian Dan Soder. Check out what Dan had to say:

If you like what you heard, Soder's comedy special, “Dan Soder: Not Special.” premieres May 21st at 11pm ET/PT on Comedy Central.

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