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Rex and Rob Ryan are making each other gain weight

Rex and Rob Ryan have been rapidly gaining weight since they began working together.

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The Ryan twins, Rex and Rob, have been reunited, with Rob taking a position on Rex’s staff in Buffalo and with two of the NFL’s biggest personalities back together for the first time in 20 years.

While the pair are looking forward to tackling the 2016 season together, they have already noticed one downside, as they make help one another make better decision on the field, they are not so helpful to one another when sitting down to eat.

Both Ryan’s were noted for their size, but Rex has recently dropped some weight and was hoping to get Rob to join him in a slimmer life, a plan which has backfired spectacularly according to a new interview with Jenny Vrentas of

REX: ... Now, I have only put on 30 pounds since we hired Rob.

ROB: And I have put on 24.

REX: I was going to get his weight down to mine. No, no, my weight started going up to his. So that’s really what happened there.

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Rob also revealed in the interview that he attempted to lose weight via lap band surgery but complications caused by regaining weight rsulted in some serious health scares leading to him having to have the device removed.

– Brendan Maloy