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Liven up you NBA Finals texts with the new Stephen Curry emoji keyboard.

By Extra Mustard
June 02, 2016

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The NBA Finals are here, which means you will likely be texting and tweeting your friends lots of things like “ZOMG! Steph!” “How did Steph Curry do that?!?!” and “I can’t believe Draymond Green just kicked Matthew Dellavedova in the mouth.”

Now you will be able to liven up those messages with the new Stephen Curry Emoji Keyboard, which hit app stores just in time for Game 1 of the championship series. It features drawings of the MVP in Chef Curry mode, draining threes and hanging with his family, including daughter Riley dancing.

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The only thing that could make the NBA Finals more fun is having dancing Riley Curry at your fingertips, and now that dream is a reality for just $1.99.

– Brendan Maloy

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