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A Reddit user has divided every FBS team into a Hogwarts house and helped confirm your suspicion that Nick Saban is a death eater.

By Extra Mustard
June 07, 2016

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How many times have you spent a fall Saturday on the couch watching college football and arguing with your friends over whether Notre Dame is a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin?

Well, a group of Reddit users with a love of Harry Potter and football, and far too much free time have finally answered that question for you and they say the Fighting Irish would be in Ravenclaw, surprisingly.

U/Bakonydraco spearheaded the project, which puts each FBS team into a respective house based on stats like wins over Top 10 teams, Academic All-Americans and team revenue.

Quiz: Leicester City player or Harry Potter character?

Ohio State, LSU, Miami and East Carolina room with Harry, Hermione and Ron in Gryffindor. Texas, Alabama and Michigan sit with the parselmouths of Slytherin. Northwestern, Stanford and Illinois join the academic-minded Ravenclaw house. The well-meaning Hufflepuffs include Maryland, Rutgers and Connecticut.

You can check out the full chart along with rankings here, and check out the methods over on the Reddit post, which also has some pretty entertaining discussions as well.

– Brendan Maloy

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