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Stone Cold Steve Austin on the current WWE product, his new IPA

Stone Cold Steve Austin opens up on Roman Reigns, the current WWE, his legendary career and his brand new IPA.

After enduring seven-and-a-half years of frustration, Steve Austin refused to compromise his beliefs.

“Vince McMahon called me aside one time because he was worried about the middle fingers,” explained Austin. “Vince was totally onboard with the beer idea. He didn’t give a sh-- about the beer. I’m thirty-something years old–there ain’t no problem with the drinking age, and it’s a guy just clacking a few beers together after doing a job. There were no headaches or hassles with that, but flipping someone off is flipping someone off, no matter what age you are.”

By this point in 1997, Austin was emerging as one of McMahon’s top draws, but he was fully aware that there are no guarantees in pro wrestling.  

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