Dwyane Wade knows he needed some luck to make the NBA, and he thinks he got it from bird poop.

By Extra Mustard
June 30, 2016

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Dwyane Wade’s success in the NBA comes mainly from a combination of hard work and being a naturally gifted athlete, but the Heat star also recognizes that luck still played a role in transforming him into one of the league’s biggest stars.

The three-time NBA champion sat down to tell some stories on his Snapchat recently, including a tale confirming the old wives' tale that getting defecated on by a bird actually brings good luck.

Wade explains that things were not going his way when some droppings fell on his shoulder on Marquette’s campus, and thing started to turn around. When it happened the following year, his game really took off.

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The veteran is looking for another big contract from the Heat this off-season, which could explain why he ended his Snapchat talk by asking for another bird to bless him with some more good luck.

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