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A bitter Oklahoma City store sold Kevin Durant jerseys for only 48 cents. 

By Rohan Nadkarni
July 22, 2016

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A salty Oklahoma City sporting goods store was not thrilled about Kevin Durant’s decision to sign with the Warriors, retaliating by selling his jersey for only 48 cents.

An enterprising redditor posted a photo of the everything's-gotta-go sale:


OKC Store Marks Kevin Durant Jerseys Down 99 Percent, Sells for 48 Cents from nba


Of course Drake showed up at Texas in Kentucky gear

Durant, who recently explained the price hike of his Nike shoe by saying he’s “not an $88 player,” probably wasn’t greatly affected by the sale. After all, anyone buying a KD Thunder jersey is all gravy for Durant at this point, who should expect to see his name on the back of plenty Golden State jerseys in the fall.

As for the store—what’s the point here? Who decided on 48 cents? Why not one cent? Or how about like, charging five dollars, still selling a ton of jerseys but making a little money in the process?

A store spokeswoman told ESPN’s Darren Rovell the jerseys sold out. At least whoever bought one won’t feel any buyer’s remorse. It’s not like they got a tattoo of their second-favorite rapper or something like that.

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