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Kevin Garnett was excited to see his Celtics jersey on The Price is Right

After 21 years in the NBA, Kevin Garnett is still getting excited to see fans wear his jersey on TV.

Kevin Garnett is enjoying his off-season and maybe considering hanging it up for good, and what better way to relax and contemplate retirement than to watch The Price Is Right.

After taking in the always thrilling Showcase Showdown, The Big Ticket spotted a fan wearing a Celtics No. 5 shirsey and was so delighted he decided to share his discovery with the world.

The fan never turns around in the clip though, so while Garnett may assume that he is the player being represented, it is possible the Celtics fan is remembering the career of one of his fellow No. 5s, like Bill Walton, Ron Mercer or Cecil Hankins.

Perhaps Garnett can spend his retirement wandering the globe looking for other fans wearing his shirsey.